OMD Advisory Service

Personalized Support for Your Practice Priorities

The OntarioMD (OMD) Advisory Service team supports clinicians to maximize the value from their EMRs and other practice technologies. We’ve been doing it for almost 20 years. This experience has given us insights and knowledge of all practice types, workflows, and health technologies.

Our services are available to you and your staff whenever you need it, wherever you are in Ontario. We work around your schedule and can personalize our advice to address your priorities. The only requirement for using the OMD Advisory Service is an OMD-certified EMR.

Some ways we can help:

  • Identify useful features in your EMR or other digital health tools for greater practice efficiency
  • Streamline workflows to save time
  • Get started with quality improvement initiatives to meet the CPSO’s Quality Improvement Program’s requirements or your own quality goals
  • Use your EMR to manage your patient population or target specific patients, e.g., preventive care, complex care, and chronic disease management
  • Show you how to use reminders, reports and other EMR functions to enhance care
  • Share best practices for optimal data quality so you can quickly access the information you need for each patient visit

The OMD Advisory Service leverages the Associates in Process Improvement model to realize tangible, sustainable change and quality improvement. We also use your results from the EMR Progress Assessment (EPA) survey to tailor our advice to meet your unique practice needs.

What Your Peers Are Saying About the OMD Advisory Service

“To have somebody who’s walked that road before you, and then allow them to lead you into that area, that was a big value-add for us.”

Ken Gamble, MD

“I found the OMD Advisory Service very helpful and valuable to us. From the beginning, we were coached on how to implement the process and were provided one-on-one support throughout.”

Alireza Oliaei, MD, CCFP