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What can OMD do for you?

OntarioMD (OMD) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Ontario Medical Association and receives funding from the Province of Ontario to support family physicians, specialists, nurse practitioners and their staff to adopt and efficiently use digital health technology to care for their patients.

We connect you to provincial digital health tools and teach you how to use them and incorporate them into your EMR workflows. Help from our experienced staff is always only an email or phone call away and available when it’s convenient for you. Best of all, all our services are free!

OMD Connects

Certified EMRs

There are many electronic medical records (EMR) systems on the market in Canada to help you manage all your patient data, but only certified EMRs can connect your practice to drug information, eConsults with specialists, hospital reports, and more.

Your EMR is your gateway to more patient data to keep you informed and help you provide the best care possible to your patients. Certified EMRs have met privacy and security requirements so you can be assured of their reliability, security, and ability to keep pace with new features that make patient care and practice management easier.

Digital Health Credentials / ONE ID

ONE® ID are credentials from Ontario Health that give you secure access to multiple digital health services, like provincial clinical viewers, using one username and password. OMD staff can sign you up to get your ONE ID credentials.

Drug Information

Keeping track of drug information for all your patients is complicated, but it just got a lot easier by accessing provincial drug information through your EMR. Your EMR gives you secure, real-time access to:

  • Dispensed drugs covered under the Ontario Drug Benefits (ODB) program
  • Dispensed narcotics recorded in the provincial Narcotics Management System (NMS)
  • COVID-19 vaccinations

There is no need to sign into a separate application and search for the drugs your patients are taking. Your EMR is your gateway to drug information. Not every certified EMR can provide access today, but they are all working on it.


As its name suggests, eForms are electronic forms. They replace paper forms that are hard to fill out, often become outdated without you knowing it, and need to be faxed. They’re accessible from your EMR from any of your patient’s charts. eForms pre-populate information about your patients and your practice.

Once an eForm is complete, you submit it from your EMR. Processing time will be faster and there will be no delays due to illegible handwriting or missing information. They save time and reduce your administrative burden. Your patients’ needs will also be addressed in a more timely manner. 

Hospital and Specialty Clinic Reports

Are you still receiving paper reports from hospitals and specialty clinics by fax or mail? That’s a big administrative burden you don’t need. Get these reports electronically from 500+ hospital and specialty clinic sites into your EMR.

Each report gets filed into your patients’ charts to give you up-to-date information on your patients. You will also receive eNotifications, which are real-time ADT messages for your patients so you can follow up with them sooner after they’re discharged. Ask for your EMR to be connected to Health Report Manager (HRM®) and go electronic with reports. HRM also delivers COVID-19 vaccination reports and notifications of positive COVID-19 test results to your EMR. 

Lab Test Results

You can access the latest lab results for your patients or perform patient queries through the Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS) conveniently through your EMR. 

Manage Your Patient Population

The Insights4Care (i4C) Dashboard displays your real-time EMR data to help you see what’s going on with your patients so you can provide proactive care easily. The dashboard also helps you make quality improvements (QI) for better patient outcomes that help you fulfill the requirements of the CPSO’s QI Program.

Imagine if your EMR had a dashboard that could give you valuable insights into what’s happening with individual patients or groups of patients who have the same issues with just a glance. You don’t have to imagine it because it’s possible today. 

Now imagine if there was a group of experts who were available to help you with the dashboard and your QI goals. Those experts are available to you now. They’re called the i4C Advisory Service and they provide this advice for free.

OntarioMD.ca – More Services

Register for OntarioMD.ca to access additional services like our online Privacy & Security Training and the Health Card Validation app. You can also complete an EMR Progress Assessment to learn how well you are using your EMR and where you may want to improve. Store all your user agreements for HRM, OLIS, etc. in the eAgreements area based on your personal profile.

Specialist Advice

Whenever you need advice from a specialist, you can ask for it through your EMR. Your EMR gives you access to the provincial eConsult tool. Requesting an eConsult often eliminates the need to send patients for an in-person specialist visit unless it’s necessary. Specialists reply to your request in a couple of days, and often within a few hours.

Why keep faxing and waiting weeks or longer for a reply when you can use eConsult? eConsult isn’t available in every EMR yet, but it soon will be.

OMD Educates

Advice and Mentoring from Your Peers

Talk to a physician, nurse or clinic manager for digital health advice from our network of over 60 Peer Leaders. These are expert users of OMD-certified EMRs and other digital health and virtual care tools. They are available to help community-based practices realize more clinical value from digital tools at no cost to you. Request a Peer Leader’s help.

COVaxON Training

OMD can train you and your staff on how to access and use the provincial COVaxON Vaccination Management System when you are administering the COVID-19 vaccine to your patients. COVaxON enables your practice, the Ministry of Health, vaccination locations, and clinic staff collect and view COVID-19 vaccination data. Contact COVaxON.Support@ontariomd.com if you have questions.

Digital Health & Virtual Care Conference

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to digital health. An efficient way to learn is by attending our award-winning annual Digital Health & Virtual Care conference. It’s the largest conference in Canada focused on EMRs and other digital health technologies.

You’ll learn how to get more clinical value for your practice and patients from digital and virtual care tools by attending a variety of educational sessions, EMR Training Workshops. Each session or workshop gives you practical advice and tips from clinician Peer Leaders, vendors and OMD staff. Physicians receive Continuing Medical Education Credits for attending.

More Digital Health Training and Education

Learn how to use digital and virtual care tools safely and e­ffectively throughout the year. OMD helps you and your practice staff know which digital health tools are available to you and can train you on how to use them during our regular webinars, or through the Privacy & Security Training Modules on OntarioMD.ca. Virtual care tools, training videos and related resources are also available on OntarioMD.vc

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