Digital Health eTips – August 2021

Table of Contents:

  • Tip from a Peer Leader: Four Virtual Care Pearls
  • Did You Know?
    • eTips Turns 1!
    • OMD Launches Luminary Awards to Recognize Your Digital Health Successes
    • NEW Virtual Care Privacy & Security Training
    • Wanted! Family Physicians for the Ontario Virtual Care Clinic
    • Funding Extension for All Existing Virtual Care K-Codes
  • Digital Health and Virtual Care Tools
    • HRM Delivering More COVID-19 Vaccination Reports
    • Other Ways to Get COVID-19 Vaccination Data Online
    • HRM® Now Delivering SickKids Hospital DI Reports to Your EMR
    • Register for OMD Educates: Digital Health & Virtual Care Day
    • OMD Educates: Virtual Care is Still Care – Tips for Better Patient Engagement
  • Need Help with Your EMR/Digital Health or Virtual Care Tool?
  • Important Reminders
    • Are You Moving? HRM Needs to Know Where You Are!